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Sushiko - Best Sushi in Columbus
Sushiko - Sushi & Roll Bar


Sushiko - Appetizers

From Sushi Bar

Sushi Appetizer 10.95
4 pcs. Fresh Nigiri (tuna, salmon, white tuna, shrimp)

Sashimi Appetizer 11.95
6 pcs. Fresh Sashimi (tuna, salmon, white tuna)

Naruto 10.95
Tuna, salmon, crab, and avacado rolled in a spiral cut cucumber wrap, served with ponzu sauce.

Stuffed Avocado 9.95
A half avocado stuffed with spicy tuna, spicy crab and cream cheese, fried in tempura batter and topped with spicy crab

White Tuna Tataki 10.95
Seared albacore tuna over cucumber salad with spicy ponzu sauce

Steak Tataki 11.95
Very rare seared NY strip thinly sliced served with spicy ponzu sauce over cucumber salad

Ahi-Tuna Tartar 11.95
Fresh yellowfin tuna chopped with scallion and cucumber, seasoned with sesame and a hint of spice

Hamachi Kama 9.95
Pan fried tender yellowtail collar with glazed teriyaki sauce
White tuna tataki


From Kitchen

Shrimp Tempura 7.95
2 Jumbo shrimp and 5 vegetables lightly battered and deep fried

Soft Shell Crab 9.95
Deep fried soft shell crab served with tempura sauce

Gyoza 7.95
Pan fried beef dumplings with our house gyoza sauce

Premium Crab Rangoon 6.95
Deep fried wontons filled with crab, cream cheese and onion served with sweet Thai chili sauce

Ebi Shumai 7.95
Steamed and seasoned shrimp dumplings

Sake Shio Yaki 9.95
A tender grilled salmon fillet drizzled with teriyaki sauce and scallions

Ika Shoga Yaki 8.95
Grilled squid with ginger teriyaki sauce

Ika Tempura 8.95
Deep fried squid, lightly salted

Chicken Katzu 7.95
A breaded and deep fried chicken cutlet served with a fruit katzu sauce
Sake Shio yaki


Edamame 4.25
Soy beans steamed in their pods topped with sea salt

Ohitashi 4.25
Steamed spinach with special house seasoning served cold

Agedashi Tofu 5.95
Deep fried tofu seasoned and served with tempura sauce

Grilled Tofu 5.95
Grilled tofu served with house soy vinaigrette

agedashi tofu

Sushiko - Best Sushi in Columbus
Sushiko - Best Sushi in Columbus